A new FREE online resource to help organisations across Scotland source funding is now available! brings together over 800 different funders enabling users to track down funding they need to make a difference in their communities.

The ambitious project, launched this week, is the first time diverse sources of funding have been brought together in one resource.

The brainchild of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, the free resource will be continually updated and aims to increase its database of funders over time.

The site lists funders with a track record of supporting projects in Scotland and includes grants, loans, prizes and other support, but excludes funding opportunities for individuals or businesses.

You can also get up to date news on our funding updates pages.

Finding funding can be challenging for any community or voluntary organisation. Whether you are looking for a small grant to cover running costs or project funding to do something new, we can help you to source relevant and appropriate funding from local as well as national funders.

How we can help

We cannot make your applications for you, but we can provide invaluable support in the process. Seeking funding has become a highly competitive and technical process. Experience has shown that the earlier we are involved the more likely it is that we can make a positive contribution. If you are considering a new project or funding application get in touch with Holly Bryon-Staples now and let us support you through the process from the beginning.

We also provide training on funding issues. See the Events calendar for upcoming courses or contact Holly Bryon-Staples to discuss your training requirements.