Recruiting Volunteers

At our Third Sector and Volunteering Hubs we can help you recruit volunteers and develop the inclusion of volunteers in your work.  We can give support to developing a volunteer policy, help draw up volunteer agreements and inductions, and provide training for managing volunteers.

We can advertise your volunteer opportunities through our website and our drop in service. Your volunteer opportunities will be included on our data base when you complete the volunteer opportunity details form below.  A separate form should be completed for each volunteer opportunity you have available.  For organisations new to our service we also need you complete an organisation registration form.

We would be happy to help you complete the forms or give you more information about our work.

See below for Organisation Registration and Opportunity Forms - if you have any problems you can contact us for hard copies of the forms.

Please return the completed forms by post to The Gateway, North Methven Street, Perth PH1 5PP or electronically to


Organisation Registration Form 

Organisation Registration Form Guidance Notes 

Volunteering Opportunity Registration Form 

Volunteering Opportunity Registration Form Guidance Notes