Our Volunteer Managers Training is designed to help provide tools for effective volunteer management and will be useful to anyone involved in managing volunteers at work. People may want to attend who are new to volunteering or who wish to refresh their skills.

The courses have been developed by the Volunteering Hub in Partnership with Volunteer Centre Dundee and are based on the frame work of the Volunteer Friendly Award.

Each course will be for 2 and a half hours and will cost £20.

The 4 courses include:

  1. Commitment to involving volunteers, understanding why your group uses volunteers
  2. Fair and equal volunteering, understanding diversity, equal opportunities, fair recruitment for volunteers
  3. Making volunteering happen, provide volunteer opportunities that are safe, satisfying and rewarding
  4. Celebrating volunteers achievements and engaging with the media, giving volunteers recognition for their time and contribution

For more information or to discuss training please contact Lidia Dye.