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Does your organisation need furniture or supplies for your activities? Or do you have spare? Look no further!

WARPit is a new resource for organisations large ands small, to share resources. It is free for charities and other voluntary and community organisations that have charitable purposes.

As the Third Sector Interface in Perth & Kinross, PKAVS (Voluntary Action Perthshire) is providing an online portal on WARPit for organisations in Perth & Kinross. Through this portal organisations across Perth & Kinross can claim surplus or underused resources from each other as well as from other organisations.  We are already connected with several large organisations such a Perth & Kinross Council, Dundee City Council and the University of Stirling. It acts like a corporate freecycle.

The free service is for organisations with charitable purposes only. (You don’t have to be a registered charity.)

Signing Up

Registered Charities can sign up for WARPit in their own name if they wish to, but by signing up through the Perth & Kinross Voluntary Sector Portal you will automatically be linked up with all the other organisations that have done likewise. If your organisation is not a registered charity but has charitable aims you can sign up via the Perth & Kinross Voluntary Sector Portal.

Once you have signed up you can give and take as many resources as you wish. As you will see there are plenty of resources to claim locally and nationally. Resources include furniture, fixtures and fittings, stationery, files curtains even office plants! ...anything really.

Getting started with WARPit


Perth College UHI and The Environmental Service from Perth & Kinross Council, in partnership, have developed a website called UseToReuse. The website can be found at and it serves as a free portal for Perth and Kinross based charities and charitiable agencies to link up with local businesses. The aim of this development is to divert waste from landfill, help charities to receive more donations and save firms money that would otherwise be spent on waste disposal costs.