What is Time Banking?

It’s a really simple idea designed to support people who help others and to offer support to those that need it. For every hour you spend doing something for somebody, you get a time credit. You can then use that to get an hour of someone else’s time to help you.

Isn’t that just being a good neighbour?

Yes it is! But we’ve all seen our communities change over time. We don’t all know our neighbours now or where to go for to ask for a favour. A time bank is a way of getting people to know each other in the community in order to give and receive help from each other.

What kind of help is on offer?

All sorts of different services are on offer – depending on the individual members involved. It can be anything from giving someone a lift to an appointment, to teaching them guitar. It can be offering a bit of company to someone who’s isolated, or doing the garden for someone who’s broken their arm…..Anything really – except babysitting and personal care.

I don’t have any skills to offer.

Yes you do! Timebanking recognises all the talents, experiences and knowledge people have. You might be a good listener and able to be company for someone for an hour or so. You might be able to help them do their garden or put up shelves. Maybe you’re good at knitting or you can give folk a lift to an appointment.

How does it work?

You become a member of your local time bank. Contact your local Time Bank Broker. You can then start offering help to folk and receiving your time credits. You can cash your credits in when you want to use someone else’s skills or help.

Who’s in charge of the bank?

The Time Bank Broker keeps a record of what you’ve done and keeps you informed of all the time credits you’ve earned and spent.

How much time do I have to give?

As much or as little as you want. You decide what you want to offer and if you see if you’re available when someone wants your service. It may only be a couple of hours a month – or more or less.

I already do volunteering.

Time Banking is not volunteering or charity. It is all about the members offering their skills, abilities and expertise to help others to a level that you can expect from a friend or neighbour. You do not have to be an expert!